Designer Watering Can
Designer Watering Can
Designer Watering Can
Designer Watering Can
Designer Watering Can
Designer Watering Can

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Designer Watering Can

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With our Designer Watering Can turn Your Home into a True Showstopper 🍒

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Quality from our Deutsche Manufactur

🌱✨ Roomberry's Exclusive Designer Watering Can: The Epitome of Pastel Precision ✨🌿

Transform your plant care routine into an artful display of elegance with Roomberry's Designer Watering Can, a creation by Gazzaladra. More than a functional tool, this watering can is a statement of style and uniqueness, blending seamlessly into any space – from your living room to the balcony or garden.

Key Features:

  • 💧 Optimized Water Flow: Innovative design ensures the perfect pour, emptying completely in 90 seconds for efficient, quick watering.
  • 💧 Unique Design by Gazzaladra: An eye-catching masterpiece in any setting, elevating the aesthetic of your plant care ritual.
  • 💧 Palette of Pastels and Timeless Tones: Available in charming pastel shades like Light Blue, Lavender, Pink, Beige, and Yellow, as well as classic White and Black.
  • 💧 Three Convenient Sizes: Choose from 0.7L, 1L, and 1.3L models to cater to your needs.
  • 💧 German Craftsmanship: Meticulously crafted for quality, durability, and attention to detail.

Collection Includes:

  • Mini Watering Can (0.7L): Perfect for small plants and spaces.
  • Standard Watering Can (1L): Ideal for daily use.
  • Large Watering Can (1.3L): Great for tending to multiple plants.
  • Simple & Stylish: Integrates effortlessly into any decor, becoming a functional yet decorative highlight.

Whether you're seeking a sophisticated solution for your indoor plant care, a designer piece, or a special gift, our Gazzaladra Watering Can is the perfect choice. It combines design, functionality, and a touch of class in one elegant package.

Made with German Quality Standards. With Pride. With Passion. For You. 🇩🇪✨

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to receive my order at home?


At Roomberry, we craft each product especially for you. Please allow us 4-8 days to lovingly and carefully prepare your order for its journey to you. 💜🍒

How do I care for my Roomberry Products best?


For optimal care of your Roomberry products, gently dust them regularly to keep them looking pristine. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners. For a deeper clean, use a soft, damp cloth with mild soap and water, wiping gently. Dry thoroughly with a soft cloth to prevent water spots. Keep your products away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures to maintain their beauty and longevity. 💚🍒

Note: Roomberry Products are not dish washer safe, except special inlays of our embodied vases.

What are the shipping costs?


At Roomberry, we offer free shipping on orders over $69.99! For orders below that, we only charge a small fee of $5.49. Let's bring joy to your home together! 🍒💕

Can I return my order if I'm not satisfied?


At Roomberry, your smile is our priority! If within 30 days you find that a product isn't quite what you imagined, please let us know. You're welcome to send it back to us, because your home should be filled only with things that truly make you happy. 🍒❤️🏡