Your Benefits with Roomberry

Find unique Products

Find your special berry that gives your home that special touch

German Quality Standards

We exclusively produce to our own 3D printing production standards based in our German values of quality.

Sustainable Production

Sustainable Production: We prioritize sustainability, primarily using recycled plastic in our production.


We are Roomberry

the Berry for your home🍒

Discover the berries on top for your home at Roomberry – we create unparalleled eye-catchers that add the perfect touch to your space, brightening every room!

Because we stand for:

🍒 Uniqueness:

We create individual design treasures that give your interior that special something.

💎 Exclusivity:

Exclusive partnerships with top designers offer you unique pieces found nowhere else.

✨ Quality:

Every Roomberry product is the result of meticulous handcraft combined with the precision of our 3D printing manufacture – a true testament to quality and innovation.

🌍 Sustainability:

From design to doorstep – we promise eco-conscious production and delivery.

❤️ Passion:

Every creation is infused with the passion that drives us to enrich the world through design.

Discover a world where design meets values, and aesthetics go hand in hand with ethics.

Are you ready to fill your home with more than just products?

👉 Dive into the Roomberry world and discover the stories living in our creations.

Oksana and Benjamin

Founders of Roomberry

More About Us

A Glimpse Behind the Magic: Your Berry is Getting Packed! 🍒✨

Here at Roomberry, we hold a little secret: Each of our designs is more than just a product. It's a story, a journey, a piece of our soul. Come and see for yourself how we work with heart and hands in our 3D printing manufacture, giving your home decor that special Roomberry enchantment. From the first spark of an idea to the gentle packing of your berry – we pour all our passion and expertise into every detail. You are not just a customer; you're part of our Roomberry family. Let us show you how much love we put into each piece. Experience the magic of Roomberry up close! 💖🌟