About Us

Our Vision is clear:

Being the Berry in Every Home Worldwide 🍒

We dream of spaces transformed into true showstoppers by our exclusive and unique products, with our berries as the finishing touch in your home. Handcrafted masterpieces that tell the stories and personalities of our unique designers. Our vision is for every home to receive a personal touch through Roomberry, creating a space as special as YOU!

Roomberry´s Values 🍒

🍒 Uniqueness:

We create individual design treasures that add that special something to your interior.

💎 Exclusivity:

Exclusive partnerships with top designers offer you unique pieces you won't find anywhere else.

✨ Quality:

Every Roomberry product is the result of meticulous handcraft combined with the precision of our 3D printing manufactory - a true testament to quality and innovation.

🌍 Sustainability:

From design to doorstep - environmentally conscious production and delivery are our promise.

❤️ Passion:

Every creation is infused with the passion that drives us to enrich the world through design. Discover a world where design meets values, and aesthetics go hand in hand with ethics. Are you ready to fill your home with more than just products?

Our Roomberry Story: A Meeting of Creativity and Technology

Oksana, originally from Ukraine, came to Germany eight years ago, a young girl with a dream to achieve something great. She recalls her childhood days filled with playing melodies, creating artworks, and dominating chess boards, being among the best in her homeland. In Germany, Oksana found numerous opportunities, but her creative soul didn't find its calling in educational work. She missed the spark, the fire she felt in her childhood.

Benjamin, our Bavarian visionary, grew up in a small village, always dreaming of breaking boundaries. His journey took him to the German Cancer Research Center, then Oxford, and finally into the realm of 3D printing at BASF. Despite his achievements, he felt something was missing.

Then their paths crossed. A creative heart met a technical mind. Oksana, with her irresistible creative energy, and Benjamin, with his drive for technical perfection, came together. It was more than a meeting; it was the beginning of Roomberry.

Together, they founded Roomberry, a brand that tells stories, not just produces products. Each piece leaving our house is a testament to Oksana's creative vision and Benjamin's technical brilliance. We want you to find a part of yourself in each of our products, as they are part of our journey, our dreams. With Roomberry, you bring not just a product but a piece of us into your home. It's about quality, trust, passion, and the promise that we see ourselves in everything we do.

Just as Oksana and Benjamin found their perfect union, we hope you find the perfect piece for your home in Roomberry.

Our Design-Stars

In a creative universe where ideas and visions flow, we, Oksana and Benjamin, encountered three special stars: Boem, Gazzaladra, and Cubee3D. Boem, renowned for his masterful craftsmanship and distinctive style, captivated us with his artistic ethos. Here, we saw the opportunity to create a legacy of uniqueness and exclusivity, reflected in every product. Gazzaladra, the wizard of design, brought a touch of fantasy and dream to our visions. Through close collaboration, we discovered how to turn our concepts of a perfect home into reality.

Then there was Cubee3D - the technological pioneer who gave us the tools to physically manifest our dreams. With their groundbreaking knowledge of 3D printing technology, we could push the boundaries of what's possible, creating products as unique as the stories they tell.

Together, we form a quartet driven by passion, innovation, and an unwavering belief in dreams. We, Oksana and Benjamin, are on a journey enriched by collaborating with these extraordinary partners. A journey that allows us to bring our deepest fantasies into the hands of people like you. With Boem, Gazzaladra, and Cubee3D by our side, no dream is too big, no vision too bold. Join us on this magical journey and discover a universe where dreams become reality.

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Roomberry´s 3D Printing Manufacturing

Dive into the enchanting world of Roomberry, where modern technology meets traditional craftsmanship. In our 3D printing manufactory, we don't just create products - we bring dreams to life! Each of our pieces starts as a vision, transformed into physical reality by cutting-edge 3D printing technology. But that's just the beginning. Once the printing is complete, our team of expert craftsmen spring into action. With dedication and care, they meticulously polish, refine, and perfect each detail, ensuring every product embodies the distinctive Roomberry quality. Oksana and Benjamin from Roomberry.

From the Idea to a Masterpiece

At Roomberry, the heart beats for craftsmanship and innovative technology. Join us on a journey where passion and precision go hand in hand. Each mushroom is meticulously planned and brought to life using our specialized 3D printing technology. But that's just the beginning. Our skilled hands refine and perfect each piece to ensure it carries the magic of Roomberry. This process is more than our work; it's our passion. For us, every detail, curve, and nuance counts. We don't just create simple home decor items; we create true works of art for your home. Immerse yourself in the world of Roomberry, where uniqueness, exclusivity, and the highest quality are paramount.

Every package is a piece of our Heart

When a Roomberry product leaves our workshop, it carries not just our design, but also our deepest affection and gratitude. In that moment of carefully packaging each artwork, love and passion flow into every fold, every ribbon, and every bow. For us, packaging is not just a necessary step, but a ritual that comes from the heart. It's our personal touch, our farewell kiss, before our treasures reach your hands. With each sealed package, we send a promise: the assurance that you are receiving not just a product, but a piece of Roomberry magic, created with love and dedication just for you.

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