for your colorful home

Is your apartment still gray even though colors have already exploded outside? 🌈 We all know: A home without splashes of color is like a summer without sunshine – unthinkable! But don't worry, we have just the thing to spice up your four walls and put a smile on your face every day.

Now it´s getting magical! 🍄

Instead of using ordinary fridge magnets, our selection of colorful mushroom magnets adds playful charm to your kitchen. But it's not just about looking good. Practical aesthetics come into play with our designer watering can - you've never watered your plants in such style before.

Our 5 Tips on how you yan Beautify your Space with our Accessories:

1. Combine different sizes of the stackable bowls for a dynamic design.
2. Use the Coral Jewelry Stand as a central focal point on your sideboard.
3. Plant small succulents in one of the bowls for added greenery.
4. Place the colorful mushroom magnets as vibrant accents on metal surfaces.
5. Display the watering can visibly on a shelf – too beautiful to hide!